Waiting On The World To Change

I’ve been thinking a lot about the world and it’s nature. It’s very easy to get down when you think of how cruel and sad it is. Everything from crime to poverty to something as random as an Internet thread of people who were abandoned as children I scrolled through today.

I suppose it’s my nature, but I find it very easy to get pessimist about the world as a whole. Sometimes it’s an excersise in itself remind myself that the world is as beautiful as it is ugly. And that as easy as it is to write it all off, there is hope . My approach to it is this: I can’t solve all the problems in the world, as much as I’d like to, so instead I’ll focus on fixing my own little corner of the universe. Because at the end of the day, that is all we can really do. Have faith as we wait on the world to change .

The end of gossip

I made a number of resolutions this year…. work out more (going good), work on my make up  (going good) and be more productive.

One of the steps I took towards becoming more productive was to cut down on celebrity gossip. I realised that  spent way too much time on celebrity blogs. Particularly the dark abyss that is the comments section. I found myself checking gossip sites in the early mornings and before I went to bed. I knew way too much about the lives of glamorous people who don’t even know me. I spent time obsessing over who was dating, cheating on or feuding with who. It was unhealthy.

A few months ago, I changed phones and made a pact to not download any of my gossip apps and not visit any more sites and so far I’ve succeeded.  And it’s been so refreshing and I’ve become a happier person. I spend a lot of time on Internet forums where I learn a lot more about the world and expand my view of the world (I’ve somehow grown more conservative and liberal at the same time). It’s been great.

I hope to keep up this new development and encourage others to do the same.



I will be fine.

I will be fine.

I will be fine.

I recite this like a mantra all day. My thick skin has dents from the hits it’s taken. My tearducts have caved in themselves.  My back has involuntarily slumped from my weariness. My breathing is jagged with each inhalation. I’ve paced a million circles in my mind from the thinking. I’ve drawn lines from one circle to the next, trying to connect the dots, trying to cheat the system, to find an answer. 

I’ve had some setback today with regards to my writing. I’ve reviewed my plan of action again and again and haven’t found my weak spot yet. But I have an assurance, a naive sense of hope. I’ve thrown my hands up, whipped my head back and said I’ve had enough. But I know I’ll be back. I’ll be back swinging. I don’t have a plan, a road map or a clear head. But I know I will persevere.

In the words of the great kendrick Lamar, “We gon be alright.”

Names and Faces

I went to see a play last night in which my friend Lola was in the staring role. While about to take my seat, I was approached by a gentleman who said hello. After a few minutes of awkward silence it occurred to me that he knew me from somewhere. I narrowed my eyes and thought for a bit before he laughed and reminded me of where we had met before…..He is the son of one of my neighbours who go back from school and I’d seen him barely a month ago.  Embarrassed, I apologised but luckily he wasn’t offended.

This brings me to my thought for the day- I am terrible at remembering names and Faces.  I usually remember the face but not the  name or how I know the person and like I shared above, it often gets very embarrassing.  Any advice for that?

Also, great news: I joined the team at skyn magazine as their in-house poet. 😀😀😀



I was reading through a devotional this morning and read something about FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. Particularly about how it affects young people and I have to agree, it does. Especially in the world today where everything can make you think you’re missing out and your life I boring.

I was going through my instagram crush’s feed (don’t judge ) and to be honest,  he seems to have literally the most fun-filled, adventurous and wonderful life ever and I’m here thinkin, “Why is my life so boring?” And I suppose it’s easy to think this way. The curated and controlled world of social media and my generations obsession with # goals makes even the most content person feel the FOMO especially as you get older and it looks like your “time’ has passed.

As much as FOMO shoukd maybe inspire us to make the bes of our time, we should avoid going overboard.

Grandma Lessons


This weekend I’m at my grandma’s place visiting and it’s awesome. One of my favorite things to do whenever I visit her is going through old pictures and listening to her stories about life in times past. Particularly the 60s and 70s.

Also, having conversations with her makes me think of the concept of getting older. Mostly it reinforces wanting to have an awesome life with wonderful stories to remember when I’m way older. And believe it or not, I’m also inspired to take more pictures so I’ll have more to look over in the future- documentation of an amazing life. Also, for the nostalgic humour of looking back at older fashion trends. And as you can see above, my grandma’s been slaying them all since the 60s.

Wanderlust & City Kids


It’s a few weeks till I have to get back to school 😣😣 and I’ve been thinking a lot about summer itself. Technically speaking, my summer isn’t even over but I want so badly for another to start. I’m not sure what it is about it, the lack of responsibility, the freedom to simply explore hobbies or just the atmosphere itself. Then there’s travelling, which is one of my favourite things ever for me. I’ve always had a horrible case of wanderlust. Hell, the smell of freshly brewed coffee makes me want to hop on a plane (coffee was the first thing I smelled when I got on my first flight). Just being in a new place, hotels, Google mapping my way through a city and a sense of adventure are just priceless for me.

This morning I was noding my head along to ‘Airplanes’ by Five Seconds Of Summer (irony overload, right) and there’s a line that talks about a city, which brings me to my other thought for the day: I’m such a city kid. On an online forum, this girl wrote about wanting to move to quiet, simple town I’m her 20s. Great for her but for me that would be torture. Maybe it’s because I was raised in one of the craziest cities ever (shoutout Lagos!) But I can’t imagine ever not living in a big city. The people , the noise, the life, the energy. It just fuels me in a way. At some point in my life (translation: when I’m super old ) maybe I’d move somewhere quiet but for for now, I bask in my city life. 😎