I made a number of resolutions this year…. work out more (going good), work on my make up  (going good) and be more productive.

One of the steps I took towards becoming more productive was to cut down on celebrity gossip. I realised that  spent way too much time on celebrity blogs. Particularly the dark abyss that is the comments section. I found myself checking gossip sites in the early mornings and before I went to bed. I knew way too much about the lives of glamorous people who don’t even know me. I spent time obsessing over who was dating, cheating on or feuding with who. It was unhealthy.

A few months ago, I changed phones and made a pact to not download any of my gossip apps and not visit any more sites and so far I’ve succeeded.  And it’s been so refreshing and I’ve become a happier person. I spend a lot of time on Internet forums where I learn a lot more about the world and expand my view of the world (I’ve somehow grown more conservative and liberal at the same time). It’s been great.

I hope to keep up this new development and encourage others to do the same.