I went to see a play last night in which my friend Lola was in the staring role. While about to take my seat, I was approached by a gentleman who said hello. After a few minutes of awkward silence it occurred to me that he knew me from somewhere. I narrowed my eyes and thought for a bit before he laughed and reminded me of where we had met before…..He is the son of one of my neighbours who go back from school and I’d seen him barely a month ago.  Embarrassed, I apologised but luckily he wasn’t offended.

This brings me to my thought for the day- I am terrible at remembering names and Faces.  I usually remember the face but not the  name or how I know the person and like I shared above, it often gets very embarrassing.  Any advice for that?

Also, great news: I joined the team at skyn magazine as their in-house poet. 😀😀😀