I was reading through a devotional this morning and read something about FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. Particularly about how it affects young people and I have to agree, it does. Especially in the world today where everything can make you think you’re missing out and your life I boring.

I was going through my instagram crush’s feed (don’t judge ) and to be honest,  he seems to have literally the most fun-filled, adventurous and wonderful life ever and I’m here thinkin, “Why is my life so boring?” And I suppose it’s easy to think this way. The curated and controlled world of social media and my generations obsession with # goals makes even the most content person feel the FOMO especially as you get older and it looks like your “time’ has passed.

As much as FOMO shoukd maybe inspire us to make the bes of our time, we should avoid going overboard.