It’s a few weeks till I have to get back to school 😣😣 and I’ve been thinking a lot about summer itself. Technically speaking, my summer isn’t even over but I want so badly for another to start. I’m not sure what it is about it, the lack of responsibility, the freedom to simply explore hobbies or just the atmosphere itself. Then there’s travelling, which is one of my favourite things ever for me. I’ve always had a horrible case of wanderlust. Hell, the smell of freshly brewed coffee makes me want to hop on a plane (coffee was the first thing I smelled when I got on my first flight). Just being in a new place, hotels, Google mapping my way through a city and a sense of adventure are just priceless for me.

This morning I was noding my head along to ‘Airplanes’ by Five Seconds Of Summer (irony overload, right) and there’s a line that talks about a city, which brings me to my other thought for the day: I’m such a city kid. On an online forum, this girl wrote about wanting to move to quiet, simple town I’m her 20s. Great for her but for me that would be torture. Maybe it’s because I was raised in one of the craziest cities ever (shoutout Lagos!) But I can’t imagine ever not living in a big city. The people , the noise, the life, the energy. It just fuels me in a way. At some point in my life (translation: when I’m super old ) maybe I’d move somewhere quiet but for for now, I bask in my city life. 😎