Earlier today I was at a bus stop and while waiting for my bus to fill up, I saw an interesting old gentleman at the bus stop. He was sitting (and I’m gonna assume drunk considering he was holding a bottle of local gin).

He spoke with some people who seemed to know him to some extent and in the process of talking, a public street cleaner went by with her broom cleaning up the pavement. Apparently some of the dirt she swept up got on his shoes. He protested loudly and she muttered an apology. He then proceeded to curse at her and eventually she finished her work and left. The real drama started a while later when he began shouting “God punish women forever! ” and then proceeded to sneer at every woman/girl who passed him with the oddest look on his face.

I went from feeling bad for him, to feeling offended at his comment to holding in laughter at the faces he made. Eventually he himself began laughing and all was right with the world.

The things you see at the bus stop, right ?