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As indicated several times, including in my last post, I’m a hopeless daydreamer. I’ve kind of always have been. As a little child, I’d run about and pretend I was the female version of Flash or some other superhero. In the shower I’d dance and make sexy eyes at myself and pretend I was in a music video ( I kinda still do πŸ˜‰Β 

So, it’s kinda my thing. That’s where pretty much all my writing comes from. There’s probably nothing I’ve put to paper that didn’t linger in my head for a good amount of time and play with me.Β 

But there’s a problem. Its sometimes awkward for daily ‘normal ‘ life. I find myself terribly humming love songs in public and smiling at random times while a hero in a story in my head finds her true love and breaking into a mini-dance as I imagine myself as a video-vixen on stage. As you can imagine, it’s sometimes embarrassing as most people (besides my sister and very close friends) know why I’m swaying my hips and waving my finger quasi-seductively in the air. A good number of people find me really strange at times. And that’s he sad part, I can’t not daydream. Its pretty much involuntary. Like blinking. I remember during a class last year, we were studying ‘Matrix’ and my mind kept going to the movie ‘The Matrix ‘ and that awesome fight scene. I honestly almost raised my hands to stop imaginary bullets.Β 

Sometimes I worry I’ll get hit by a truck Β πŸ™‚Β