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I have an addiction. No, not drugs or alcohol.  The object of my desire is an orange, sugar-ladden vice I’ve had since childhood that sells for N100. Fanta. And Coke. And everything else that’s carbonated and sweet.

I’m under stress a lot, especially in school. Balancing studying, blogging and being alive, I frequently get overwhelmed. Its a little thing I like to call my ‘Bad Vibes’. When they kick in, immediately make a beeline for the cafeteria to get my fix after which I feel like I live in my own skin again. If I don’t, I go Into withdrawal . Yeah, it’s that bad.

I periodically go on caffeine cleanses where I drink mostly water. Then I compensate by ‘rewarding ‘ myself with more caffeine when the cleanse ends. Sigh. This is bad.

Are any other addicts in the house (blog)?
Or anyone with words of support?

image credit: @inspiredfashio1

by Tokoni O. Uti
Peace, love and poetry!