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In 11th grade, one of our optional reading books was 1984 by George Orwell. I never read the book (I read the Lord Of the flies instead) but from the summary, it was about an extremely controlled society. Ironically, the Lord Of the Flies Showed what happens to a society without rules.

As a knee-jerk reaction, I would say that a government controlling the people was oppressive and against human rights. At the same time, I’ve seen first hand what happens when we humans are left to our devices. Once, In 8th grade, we almost destroyed the class In one period when our teacher didn’t show up due to a meeting. For those of you who’ve followers my blog, I LOVE conspiracy theories and one of the most popular is about the government being evil and wanting to Control us. Sometimes, I wonder if that’s such a bad thing. A bit of strict order couldn’t kill, right?

Sadly, I eventually disagree with that theory. If that were to happen, no matter how much order was achieved, our animal Instinct would betray us. As part of our nature, we tend to rebel against authority (If Adam and Eve taught us anything) . Which is probably why me and my classmates decided to start a mini riot many years ago after acting like well behaved children for a good while.


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