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The weirdest thing happened today. We moved into out permanent dorm. The bad part was, we weren’t told ahead of time and so I found out while about to head out with a friend. Knowing the usual rush that would accompany the announcement, I hurries back to my temporary dorm to get my stuff before all the good spaces were taken. Long story short, I got a good space. But while packing my clothes into my wardrobe, I mad a funny discovery- in our rush to pack, one of my roomies at the temporary site (no longer my roomies) had accidentally dropped a pair of panties in one if my bags. I and my friend Dammy (who helped me pack) looked at the underwear for a while then later made fun fit he situation.

So now I have to track down every ex-roomie of mine and ask, “Are these your panties?”. It reminds me of that time when I was a kid that I won a musical chairs game and won a pair of panties as my prize! 😉

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