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I once saw this on a movie poster. Its true though, fear is a choice. A choice we all make at some point. The point of the movie I presume was to teach against fear. But fear can be good. Fear keeps us in check. 

We can choose not to fear, but it’s not easy. If the thing you fear us known beforehand, it’s possible to fight. However, if the thing to be feared comes swiftly, the decision to be afraid is made by default, before we think of thinking about it. Because fear is reflex; human instinct. The greatest I think is the fear of the unknown. The fear of an uncertain tomorrow. That fear is a pushy fear. It pushes us to search for stable employment out of a desire for security. It pushes us to save, install burglary alarms and avoid dangerous sports. 

Recently, a member of staff at my school passed away. I didn’t know her, I don’t even know her name. She was in a different department from me. I just heard from someone that a lecturer in a different department passed away. People didn’t say much about it. The subject was quickly changed and forgotten. That brings me to another  great fear: the fear of the inevitable. Everyone will die. Its a fact of life. But we don’t talk about it much. Its one of those things. If you do talk about it a lot, you’ll be considered inappropriate. Its quite comical if you think about it: something everyone knows will happen and we don’t like talking (or preparing) for it. 

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