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I’d like to share a secret with you……..i don’t like our University chapel.

I know, it’s the house of God, I ought to love it but I don’t. Not much anyway. I ,on my own like houses of worship but sadly, am yet to develop a liking for Chapel despite going there four times a week for roughly a week. I’ll give a few reasons :

1. Sound : due to a very unusual architectural structure, everything said at the altar echoes from three directions and due to the sitting position people in my year are required to adopt, about half of all that’s said is incoherent to us. most of the time, I have to turn to three different people to ask what was said.

2. Preachy sermons: I know we technically go there to be preached to but our chaplains (spiritual guides we only see a handful of times in four years) sometimes spend too much of the actual sermon time reminding us of everything we’re doing wrong and sadly, don’t really use a voice that relates to the audience (college students) .

3. Lack of peer motivation : a typical chapel service looks like this ; 20% are sleeping, 30% are using electronic devices, 30% are chatting, 10% are bored out of their minds and the rest are listening. Not that I don’t listen in chapel, I do (at times)but usually end up reading my bible by myself while obsessively checking the time.

4. Lack of proper ventilation : we have a number if air conditioners in our chapel – while don’t work half the time. The other half of the time they work but then the windows are opened (why?) and all the cool air escapes. I make sure to pack a hand fan or anything I can use to keep myself from sweating my head off.

5. People flirting : I hate watching flirting in general, but flirting in a church is just sad.

6. Most importantly, chapel is compulsory. I don’t think it’s reasonable to force already unmotivated people into church. I know the school authority’s heart is in a good place but quite frankly, it’s not helping!

Well I’d like to write more, but I have to get ready for evening chapel in about an hour 😉 no worries. I’m taking a fan.

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