As she handed over sunlight, to us, whom deserved it least but required it equally, splutters grasped from fear of abandonment to the offshoots of a mind much sweeter than ordinary fruits of the almighty, 


That which settled upon her scalp merely rolled along soft lanes of hair, running reluctantly towards the ground, dancing and twirling, basked in shine and teased those who proceeded a worshippable path. It hung and bounced in the air like the tassels of red curtains which revealed and enclosed art form, the rest was dotted from her nose to the borderlines of her smile, 

Above! Above – with no limitations of illumination, rose her gift to the planet, empowered by she who needed it least. 
From close up I’ve watched you, from the inside of glassy house that streams tears and leaks regret – bewildered I’ve stared at the sunlight dotted tween your coming and…

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