Sean Thomas Poetry

Accuse weakly dear friends

And fit yourself variably stricken

By the accused, with their manner and spirit

Aggressively their guardians you alienate

And call for them to surround you

For they are as paranoid as Ruth Benedict’s Dobuon’s

Suppose meagerly devoted to

And plant yourself in pseudo-comfort

Your blaming work will increase personal fear

Managing only to expose what you lack

As taking is but a budding process

As a DNA transfer is transcribed infinitely and maternally

Off the untouchable, protected by divinity

Progressive in its nature, like God is innate

He is always learning from thus

Be inclined great souls to be calm

And recognize you are relative of anything

Everything accumulated into your life

Nothing is pure, purity is contaminated

And a label be used by accusers

Too meek to admit being a piece in the puzzle

We have yet to find

A stable surface large enough


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