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Built to Spill


I forget sometimes that I am built to spill,

that we can be just a mess of hair,

that the world doesn’t run on gears…


I forget sometimes to turn off the light,

to say goodnight, to say goodbye…

I forget sometimes the words I’ve said,

the things I’ve done, the times I’ve cried…


I tend to forget

that it’s alright

when life gets just a little messy sometimes.


Becky is a writer on a mission to find  some place, any place that hosts adult tea parties. She also has a huge crush on Thor, but that’s a whole other story. Other than that, she’s typically avoiding the So Cal sun and writing poetry and short stories in the margins of her textbooks. You can follow her work on her blog (http://bobasquirrel.wordpress.com/) or watch her fail at tweeting @BeckyBee2011. She’ll appreciate a smiley face emoticon or two.

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