Inkless in America

The Vivisection: A Love Poem


I lick my fingers

and tear into your flesh;

in the sweet sticky mess

I seek bones.

First your skin separates,

then your muscle imitates,

pulling apart, causing groan after groan.


The sinuous tendons stretch and pull,

weaker and weaker they become,

at last they break, I climb in and satiate

my desires,

I’m inside,

now you moan.


Ribs encircle me,

like arms all around,

cocooned am I in your chest,

I am holding your heart in the palm of my hand,

and just for a moment I rest.


Then into your body I go,

where the blood, plasma, shit, urine flows,

writhing among organs,

I am what you are,

you breathe, I breathe,

we are one.


I head down a leg and then go back up,

I may swim in your veins for a while,

from deep down inside…

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