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Sometime this week, I’ll be going out with a good friend of mine who’s going away for school. Out of the country away. That sucks. Over the summer, I saw another friend of mine who moved away abroad for school. We hadn’t seen each other in 4 years but kept in touch over the phone and email. Its amazing. She hadn’t changed one bit. I had managed to get taller and probably more childlike.

I can’t remember where, but I once read something about true friend ship not being defined by distance. I suppose that’s true. I’m much closer to her than some of the people I see everyday and see us still being friends five years from now. I don’t know what’s gonna happen when my dearest sidekick goes to school, but I know we’ll make it work.

Here’s to true friends!

Will post more poetry soon. Having mild writers block. 😉

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