I’m horrible about being subtle
And horrible about being patient.
I don’t know how
To wait
For something that I want

But I’m being taught a valuable
About patience
And things that are worth the most
Don’t just
Come easily

For you
Holding myself back
Is the hardest thing
I’m not a woman of subtlety
If I see something
I like
I take it

I’m not a woman of holding back
Of waiting
Of yearning
And perhaps
This crush I have
Is only made worse
By that

If I was allowed to speak freely
Of the attraction I feel for you
Perhaps this crush
Wouldn’t have had time
To fester

Each passing day
I hold inside
That I really like the color
Of your eyes
And it’s my favorite thing when
You smell like coffee
I feel ready to burst

I’m not a woman of patience
I’m not practiced…

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