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I was going over some philosophical questions in my head when it hit me: aren’t we all hypocrites ?

Granted, no one really likes to think of themselves as a hypocrite, but we all kind of are? Now, being humans, we judge. Its a fact, but how innocent are we?

A few months ago, I read a story about a married man who checked into a hotel to see a prostitute for the weekend. All was going well and rosy. Then lo and behold, his daughter showed up. Apparently, she’d been working as a hooker on the weekends while at school. Now, the man in question could argue that he wasn’t doing anything wrong ( prostitution is legal in that country and mensadultery is seen as the norm) but wouldn’t want his own child engaging in such behaviour…..while being okay with sleeping with someone else’s child.

Another story: on a celebrity blog, a reader supposedly posted a question that she had found our that her husband had raped a cousin of hers. A lot of people in the comments section said that he should apologize to the girl and she should stay with him. First of all, who on God’s green earth thinks like this? Apologize! Really?!! More like go to jail. Weird enough, two weeks back, a story was posted about a man who was arrested for raping a young girl and almost everyone commented that he should be hung for such a disgusting act. But when the rapist happens to be a loved one, he should apologize. Ugh!! People and their double standards.

But why? Why do we expect forgivebess fir things we wouldn’t forgive? Why do we condemn others when we’re not much better. Why the double standards?

I remember a fight with a childhood friend when I was little. We both had some identical toys (a doll or something like that). We had a fight and I tore the head of hers in anger. After apologising, she said she would take the head of mine and we’d be even. That in itself makes sense to me now but back then, I complained and told my mommy :). See, even I’m corrupted. If she had done that, I wouldn’t have spoken to her for days. Even though she forgave me for doing the same thing.

Oh well, I suppose it’s one of those things i’ll never understand.
Thanks for reading my rant.

Will post again soon.