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I’m about to go on a rant here.


For anyone who’s been on the internet in the last day has heard about the nude photo leak. You know, Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande and a host of other celebrities had their phones hacked and nude pictures leaked. While reading an article about it on a gossip site, a noticed a divide in the public reaction. I then became really ticked off when one commenter posted, “These bitches deserve what comes to them for taking these pictures in the first place”.


Before i continue, I’ll share with you a story. In my home country of Nigeria, earlier this year, we had a similar scandal when some  university students were nearly expelled because a privately made video of the girls was leaked online. Basically, the girls were dancing and singling in underwear (one was undressed) in the privacy of their dorm rooms. The video was actually deleted but then someone got a hold of the laptop and put it on the internet. While discussing the incident with one of my roommates at the time, she shrugged and said that it was their fault for making such a video. Pretty much every other girl in the room agreed and some went as far as calling them names.




First, no one seems to be out to get the idiots who invaded someone else s privacy in such a disgusting manner. Which points to the problem :Woman blaming.


Yes, woman blaming. No matter what happens, its always the woman’s fault. Whether its rape, adultery, leaked photos or anything else, the woman is to blame. Thus really scares me because I’m a girl and i seem to live in a world where every day, i have to apologize for my femininity. Either i have to apologize for my appearance, my opinions, my actions or my very existence. I’m tired of it.


We should not apologize for not looking like what society expects. (i don’t look like a model. Deal with it) or for being attractive.

We should not apologize for our opinions (i don’t see marriage as the ultimate purpose for my existence. Deal with it.)

And we certainly shouldn’t apologize for our rights being invaded. That includes a right to bodily privacy. If a woman’s bodily rights are violated, IT IS NOT HER FAULT.

And to the lovely Jennifer Lawrence, i say, hold your head up. If anyone asks for an apology, go all Katniss Everdeen on them and put an arrow in their head. I’ll be cheering on.

I’ll probably continue my rant in a while, i need to resist the urge to punch my laptop.