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It’s 30th August. That means my holiday ends in five days! Personally, I try not to think about it. I REALLY don’t want the holiday to end ( I never do). But for the heck of it, I’ll outline my reasons.

1. School: I might not have mentioned this earlier, but I hate school. Really. I despise the institution. I like learning as a whole but hate the fact that I’m forced to acquire information that 99% of the time can’t be applied in real life ever. Plus I hate having to sit still fir hours at a time. It makes me restless.

2. Responsibilities : the great joy if the holidays is that you don’t have to think of mundane things like cleaning and chores and bills and stuff. Then it ends and you have to go back to making a living ( or I. My case, earning a degree).It sucks.

3. People: Maybe it because I’m such an introvert but there are a good number of people I don’t wanna see. Pretty much anyone who reminds me of school.

4. Not being able to sleep all day!

Will write more soon. Thanks!