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I went out shopping with my mum yesterday at some really nice stores and while picking out rings, got into the topic of trends. My sister pointed out that certain looks and trends I try to channel wouldn’t work in my current school because :

1. My school is always two seasons behind on trends. They laughed at me when I rocked gladiator sandals (the trend caught up and became cool a year later).
2. People at my school aren’t into High fashion looks ( I’m obsessed with vogue, enough said). So my cool leather skirt i found the inspiration for in VOGUE will likely be looked at as strange. Plus, they think fascinators are weird ( what??!!)

Anyways, I’m digressing. I then figured I’d post Vanity Fair, a poem I wrote about high fashion in general. Enjoy!!

Flashing lights, the world is here.
Strike a pose, show me the flare.
Look at me, image of perfection.
Pardon my stare and forgive my intentions. 
My higher glory, your greater beauty.
Your perfect expression, my other divinity.
A tarnished blessing in disguise.
The scarlet woman in paradise.
The poise will walk with me.