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Hi Everyone,

My apologies for being tardy. Last night, I was browsing through my emails from three years ago and then began musing about my struggle in getting my poetry published anywhere.

I began submitting my poems to agents, literary magazines, small presses, blogs, sites, and pretty much any publication that had a following without much success up until a point where I decided thatched I had to be he worst writer in the world if I’d received enough rejection slips to plaster my walls with. What’s a sad poet to do! But after a while, after conducting my research, I found out that poetry as a whole gas fallen out of favour with the masses. I’m a poet and pretty much the only poetry I see in any mainstream media is love poems being passed around on facebook. Am I crazy here? I’ve inquired at at least 70 newspapers around the country and only 5 occasionally publish poetry ( I got published in one, The Portsmouth Daily Times last year) .

It’s quite sad if you think about it, how one of the greatest art forms the world has ever known is falling by the way side. But we can keep it alive (right?).

Will continue my musing in a separate post.