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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to blog in advance and let you all know that I won’t be posting a new poem tonight.

First of all, I have severe writers block (don’t you hate when that happens) and also, I have a flight tonight and have been too busy packing. Will post new work when I land (sorry).

In the mean time, i’ll repost one of my older poems that was published on the Huffington Post   enjoy!

I am a breath in the wind.
I am the color of within.
I am a foil of the pretender.
I am an echo of the bell in the center.
I am the incarnate of camouflaged ways.
I am an instrument of relentless days.
I am the remembrance of mismatched tones.
I am a free runner but not alone.
I am a collision of what cannot be seen.
I am the beauty of what will begin.
I am an insider, I do not gaze from afar.
And I am because we are.